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Our Trustees

The Dutch Centre is proud to receive the kind support of the following Trustees:

Leonard Broese van Groenou

Although Leonard is not a member of the Board of Trustees, he is our Honorary President. Leonard is interested in strengthening the Dutch community in the UK. He previously served as Chairman of the Koning Willem Fonds.

Bertjan van de Lagemaat

Bertjan van de Lagemaat is a Trustee and member of the Programme a& Marketing Committee of the Dutch Centre, as well as co-organiser of the ‘Dutch Centre Talks’ series. Bertjan is the Minister of the Dutch Church in London.

Rosalind Janssen

Rosalind Janssen is a longtime Trustee as well as a member of the Church Council of the Dutch Church. She is a professional Egyptologist, and teaches the subject at Oxford University. She is an honorary lecturer at UCL.

Anton Valk

Anton Valk has more than 35 years of international executive business experience, of which the last 12 years were in public transport. He was the founding CEO of Abellio, a successful London-based international train and bus operating company with Netherlands Railways as its sole shareholder. Since he stepped down as CEO in 2012, Anton has held an advisory and NED portfolio in public transport, bilateral Anglo-Dutch relations and culture.

Juliette Bogaers

Juliette moved to London from the Netherlands in 1988. For over 25 years, she worked in the art and antiques business, first as an auction house specialist and for the last 20 years as an independent art and antiques dealer. At present, she is involved with a support and care service for Dutch senior citizens in London.

Frits Vogels

Frits is the former European CEO of the financial services firm TP-ICAP. He is an interest rates derivatives specialist with a career in Financial and Energy markets spanning more than 30 years. He currently serves as Chairman of SCB Group, which is an energy firm specializing in renewable energy and low carbon products. He also serves on the Board of OTCX, a Fintech firm specializing in Interest Rate Derivatives. Frits is a Dutch national, based in the UK since 1992.

Mike Kermer

Michiel (Mike) Kermer is the Dutch Centre's Treasurer. He is a London-based Dutch national, recently retired after 40 years' service in global accounting and manufacturing companies. Mike is a Chartered Accountant and has acted as a trustee for both Dutch and UK pension funds.

Ajal Notowicz

Ajal is a Dutch national who has been working as a solicitor in the City of London since 2002. Having previously been worked a law firm in Amsterdam, he is also an “advocaat” in the Netherlands. Until recently, Ajal was a governor at a primary school in Hertfordshire.

Edwin Welman

Edwin left the Netherlands (Twente) in 2001 and, after several years in Chicago and Dubai, arrived in London in 2010. He is a senior manager with ABN AMRO in the City of London and is familiar with the Anglo-Dutch business community. He is also a trustee for De Regenboogschool in London.

Jean-Jacques van Helten

Jean-Jacques is a Dutch national who has lived in London since 2001. More recently, he has been based in Florence where, after thirty or more years in investment banking in Australia, the Netherlands and Asia, he is now a Fellow at the European University Institute and the Florence School of Banking & Finance. He is a regular speaker and participant at international conferences on risk management and the author of several publications and articles on international finance.

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In Memory Of

Carola Broese van Groenou-Staab, 12 June 1949 – 3 June 2018 

Our founding mother Carola Broese van Groenou-Staab was closely involved with the Dutch Centre from its inception.

It was Carola who was responsible for the stunning redesign and styling of the ground floor hall of the Dutch Church, the Dutch Centre’s home base. As Chair of the Programme & Marketing Committee, Carola put an incredible amount of energy into the growth and prosperity of the events programme.

Without her endless passion and energy, the Dutch Centre would not be what it has become today. We will always remember Carola with immense gratitude and appreciation.

In order to keep the memory of Carola alive, the Dutch Centre has introduced the annual Carola Broese van Groenou Lecture, which will focus on Dutch Design. 

– The Trustees and the Programme Committee of the Dutch Centre.

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